Xbrane Bioscience is optimizing protein production in E. coli

We aim to simplify your protein production - make it faster and easier. To this end, we have developed two superior, versatile and easy to use systems for the production of proteins in E. coli, the Xbrane Lemo and Rhamex system. Furthermore, using the Xbrane OptiXpress approach we offer protein production, strain development and optimization services that are tailored around each individual target based on the wishes and needs of the customer.


The importance of proteins is driving companies to spend both time and money to identify the optimal protein production system for their protein of interest. The optimal system is cost-effective and gives high yields of functional protein.


The bacterium E. coli is by far the most widely and successfully used host for the production of recombinant proteins. However, even when using this well-established protein production host, the production of many recombinant proteins is still


Xbrane Bioscience’s aim is to take the production of recombinant proteins in E. coli to the next level. Using the Xbrane optiXpress approach we offer protein
production and strain development services that are tailored around each individual target based on the wishes and needs of the customer. Xbrane’s unique platforms in combination with optiXpress, ensures high success rates in shorter time for each project. 


Higher Yields and Higher Quality - The Xbrane way

2013-03-13: New article showing how Lemo can be used in periplasmic expression of heterologous proteins. "Optimizing heterologous protein production in the periplasm of E. coli by regulating gene expression levels."

Schlegel et al.


2013-03-13: Xbrane qualifies for the Top-20 list of companies in the Stockholm-Uppsala region that should be very attractive to investors. Out of 630 companies in the region Xbrane has been scrutinized and considered to have good inventions and potential to develop new products. Read more (in Swedish).


2013-02-27: Xbrane CSO Jan Willem deGier will be a speaker at the PEGS meeting in Boston, 2nd of May 2013.


2012-12-01: Lemo21(DE3) considered a "technical highlight" by the Nature Structural Biology Knowledge base.


2012-11-02: Optimizing Membrane Protein Overexpression in the E. coli strain Lemo21(DE3). Schlegel et al.


2012-06-01: Lemo 21(DE3) used for overexpression of the human integral membrane protein synaptogyrin. "50-fold increase in homogeneous material per liter of culture" Low et al.


2012-03-05: Xbrane Bioscience receives 1,25 million SEK grant from Vinnova for collaborative vaccine project.


2011-11-28: Article about Xbrane Bioscience's vaccine candidate in Svenska Dagbladet.


2011-09-29: EU invests €30 million to boost vaccine research

2011-09-22: Xbrane Bioscience wins Incubator Export Challenge 2011.


2011-08-16: New vectors for tunable protein expression from Xbrane Bioscience.