Introduction to Xbrane Biopharma

Xbrane’s strategy is to develop and manufacture high quality and cost-effective biosimilars based on our patented technology platform and leading expertise.

Xbrane in brief

Xbrane Biopharma AB is a biotechnology company which develops and manufactures  biosimilars. Xbrane has a patented protein production platform and world-leading expertise within biosimilar development. Xbrane’s headquarter is located in Solna, just outside of Stockholm, and the company has research and development facilities in Sweden and in Italy. Xbrane is listed at Nasdaq Stockholm since September 2019, with the ticker XBRANE.

Driven by a deeper belief

We are driven by the belief that if there is a treatment, it should be available for all. This is not the case today as the absolute majority of novel biologics are too expensive to be accessible for large parts of the global population. We want to be part of driving a change and making these treatments accessible for everybody and thereby improve and prolong lives of the many individuals suffering from diseases for which there is a treatment, but not accessible due to lack of financial means.

Our strategy

Xbrane develops and manufactures niche biosimilars with limited competition targeting global markets. Xbrane shall lead the biosimilar development globally in its development and production efficiency, leading to lower development and production costs compared to competition. Xbrane shall build its competitive advantage on patented technologies and always attracting the leading expertise within each critical area of development.

Xbrane’s strategy is based on three cornerstones.

1. Patented technology platforms and leading expertise

Xbranes competitive advantage is its efficiency in development and production of high quality biosimilars meeting the requirements of regulatory authorities globally. This is based on Xbranes patented technological platform with higher yields in protein production compared to standard systems as well as in built up capabilities within the critical areas of biosimilar development. Xbrane has a team of world leading scientists within microbiology, fermentation, purification and analytics and professionals with long experience from the pharmaceutical industry in regulatory, clinical and commercial supply chain. To maintain its competitive advantage Xbrane is continuously investing into strengthening and expanding its technological platform and its team – always with the focus on being the leading biosimilar developer globally when it comes to development and production efficiency.


2. High quality and cost efficient niche products

Xbrane selects products to develop on the basis of a thorough analysis of multiple parameters such as originator patent expiration timing and sales projection, product economics, expected competition and suitability for Xbranes technological plattform.  Xbrane has selected to focus on biosimilar opportunities with limited competition. The focus for the development is to develop products which meet the high level of regulatory requirements for quality at the lowest possible production cost. Xbrane’s patented technology constitutes the basis for cost-effective production, but the focus is also on other aspects that affect cost such as fermentation and purification protocol, selection of contract manufacturer and administration system.

3. Establish networks of locally strong sales and distribution partners

Xbrane is gradually developing a network of local and regional collaborative partners for sales and marketing of its products. The aim is to use this network to enable launch of the leading product candidates Xlucane and Spherotide as well as additional products over time. It is critical for Xbrane to establish partners that have a strong local presence and that can realise the full sales potential of the respective products in their market.